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Karina Sorrell

Karina Sorrell at Inala Nature on Bruny Island

Karina is an enthusiastic guide with a great love for the outdoors and wildlife. She has been travelling Australia from a young age, and that hasn’t stopped! Much of her recent travels have been focussed on birding, and she has now seen over 600 species in Australia. Alongside her work with Inala, she is currently completing her PhD at Monash University, working on island restoration in the tropics. Her project has a specific focus on improving the recovery of seabird breeding colonies on islands. Whilst she is based in Tasmania, she spends much of her time for fieldwork in Broome, Western Australia, travelling out to islands in the Timor Sea. Over the past few years, she has worked on numerous seabird research projects in locations around the country including the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island, and various islands in the Great Barrier Reef. 

Karina has considerable experience working with Tasmania’s unique mammals, having spent a couple of years undertaking trapping for long-term population monitoring of Tasmanian Devils and quolls with the University of Tasmania. She also has a soft spot for seals after completing her honours research project in 2017, where her research involved testing drones to improve monitoring outcomes for Australian and Long-nosed Fur Seals in Victoria.

In her spare time, she is usually found outdoors with a pair of binoculars around her neck, camping, bushwalking, gardening, on a pelagic birding trip, or trail running with her dog, Dudley.