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Dr Katrin Lowe

Dr Katrin Lowe at Inala Nature on Bruny Island

Kat has been researching Australia’s terrestrial wildlife for the last 18 years. From chasing the charismatic Lamington spiny crayfish in the rainforests of South-east Queensland (that’s right crayfish in the rainforest!) for her honours research, she followed on chasing wallum frogs along the east coast of Australia for her PhD. She has a strong passion for wildlife conservation and spent most of her post PhD career researching and surveying birds, reptiles, frogs and mammals all over Australia for multiple environmental organisations.

Her wildlife ecology research and surveys have taken her to many habitats throughout Australia from the semi-arid and arid interior, coastal rainforests, the Top End and the Kimberley regions. She also assisted and led research projects throughout the world monitoring reptiles and birds in Indonesia, Nepal, and New Caledonia. Her wide experience gives a broad understanding of ecological communities, and she thoroughly enjoys sharing the knowledge she has accumulated on how species work together to maintain thriving ecosystems.

Her strongest passion now is bird watching and she loves sharing her knowledge and excitement of the natural world, showing new species to enthusiastic travellers. The excitement that comes with seeing a new and elusive rainforest bird for the first time, better yet, getting a great photo, is a rush that can last for days and a memory that can be shared for a lifetime. She will share your enthusiasm, and to find these moments for you are her biggest priority!