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Yu Ota

Yu Ota at Inala Nature on Bruny Island

Yu has been a specialist bird and wildlife guide for over 25 years. He is based in northern Queensland but travels extensively around Australia and has clocked up a list of over 750 Australian bird species. When he is not leading tours, Yu also enjoys bird photography and is involved in several fauna surveys, including the elusive and endangered Kalkadoon Grasswren and Carpentarian Grasswren. He also leads the annual Northern Greater Glider Survey as an employee of the Queensland government. Yu has been associated with Inala for many years, joining the official Inala guiding team in 2022 and have received great feedback on his guiding and knowledge.


Client feedback:

We really enjoyed this tour, despite the many challenges caused by Covid and the weather. Yu Ota is an excellent guide who stepped up on the Cairns leg of the tour and worked hard to make sure we saw as many species as possible. We will always be grateful for his persistence with the Cassowary, it was our most wanted bird and we saw it so well on our absolute last chance!
John and Maggie, UK

Yu, Thank you for a wonderful couple of days birding. You were fabulous.
Barbara & Chris.

Dear Yu, Thank you for your superb birding guiding and great driving. You made sure we saw the most difficult to see birds.

It was a lovely group and we thoroughly enjoyed Yu”. “I'm glad you are having Yu be the main guide. I really loved his enthusiasm for things. Giggling when he'd seen some behavior, etc. I think he's a fabulous choice! :)”.
Gina USA.