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Raptor Photography Hide

Raptor Photography Hide
White-bellied Sea Eagle - Chris Tzaros

The Inala Raptor Photography Hide is a truly world class photographic experience. It's a place where photographers can comfortably "hide", ready to capture the ultimate photo of the native birds and wildlife in the Inala Nature Reserve.

The Raptor Photography Hide was developed and constructed under consultancy with environmental scientists, builders, glass manufacturers and several leading professional photographers. Everything has been carefully designed to optimise your experience with minimal impact on our visiting raptors.  Conservation and the well-being of wildlife and plants on the Inala property is always our highest priority.

Many years of planning and significant expenditure has resulted in this innovative hide with precisional positioning and all of the features for the comfort of our valued clients and precious visiting raptors.

Raptor Photography Hide facilities

The Raptor Photography Hide has the following features:

  • Fully enclosed walkway and purpose built hide (allowing you to access and exit the hide without disturbing the birds).
  • The pinnacle of glass technology. This premium grade photography glass is found only in some of the top birding photography hides in Europe.   The interior provides crystal clear viewing to the outside with minimised glare and reflection for the photographer while the special exterior lining reduces the ability for the raptor to see inside the hide whilst also lowering the chance of bird strike and risk of injury to birds.
  • Dark internal floor and walls to minimise reflection.
  • Room for you to set up your own tripod
  • Positioned to face South for best light/reduced shadows at all times of day.
  • The hide has plenty of space for your equipment and includes seating, desk, bench, power points, wifi and heating for your comfort while enjoying this wonderfully unique experience.

Birds you might see

The birdlife at Inala is world famous and we have an incredible selection of raptors living and breeding nearby. Depending on the time of year, you may see:

  • White-bellied Sea Eagle
  • Wedge Tailed Eagles
  • Grey Goshawk (White Morph) 
  • Brown Goshawk
  • Brown Falcon
  • Swamp Harrier

Whilst raptors are a focus, there are also many small birds flying by and feeding in the open field.  We have also installed a unique custom-made mossy table at eye level outside the hide where small birds are also frequently seen, Including Superb Fairy-wren, Flame Robin, Scarlet Robin, Dusky Robin, Green Rosella, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, and Beautiful Firetail.

Hire costs for the Raptor Photography Hide

The Raptor Photography Hide can be booked for either a 2-hour slot or a full day.

  • $150 per 2 hour time-slot for on-site guests
  • $200 per 2 hour time-slot for walk-in Inala guests
  • $300 for a full day booking for on-site guests
  • $400 for a full day booking for walk-in Inala guests. (6:30AM - dusk)

An on-site guest is someone who is staying at least one night at one of the three Inala cottages.

See our accommodation options

If you are a commercial operator (run tour groups, film crews, professional photographers etc) please contact us for our commercial rates.

  • Cost is for the use of hide facilities for 2 hours for 1-4 people. Maximum of 4 people in the hide during the 2 hour time slot.  This is for your comfort.
  • Time-slots can be further extended on the day if there are no other conflicting bookings, please discuss this with the office staff on your arrival.
  • Although we cannot guarantee that raptors will be present during your chosen booking time, we do put out road-kill in key locations near the hide to encourage raptors to feed here. Many of the local raptors include Inala in their daily schedule.

How to book the Raptor Photography Hide

If you would like to book the Raptor Photography Hide, please contact us. Let us know:

  1. Which date/s you would like to book the hide
  2. Which time-slot/s you would like to book the hide (earliest possible time 7.30am in summer, 8am in winter)
  3. If you would like us to book you any accommodation, meals or tours during your stay.

We will then send you a confirmation of your booking and an invoice which can be paid by card or bank transfer. We look forward to meeting you at Inala and sharing this very special place with you.

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