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Steve Davidson

Steve Davidson at Inala Nature on Bruny Island

Steve has had a love affair with birds from as far back as the age of six, and since then the hobby has become a passion. Steve lives in Melbourne, Victoria and has travelled extensively throughout Australia chasing birds; to that end has seen over 650 species in the country. 

Steve joined the Inala team in 2014 and brings with him a wealth of experience, having operated his own bird tour company for eight years. He currently works for Birdlife Australia on a part-time basis, involved in ongoing bird survey work and as a regional coordinator for the Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Team, and has been involved in Swift Parrot national surveys in Tasmania and on the mainland.

Steve has excellent call recognition skills and a thorough understanding of bird habitats and the best locations to find the more difficult and skulking species.

We are sure as your guide Steve will provide you with the best experience possible on your Inala Nature Tours tour and we are proud to have him on the team.

"For this tour, Tonia teamed up with Steve Davidson, who has an outstanding knowledge of bird calls, behaviour and habitats - in fact we dubbed Steve the "Sound Hound"! He loves what he does and it makes him indefatigable in the search for a new bird. He's actually pretty good with wallabies, snakes, lizards, frogs... land snails, you name it! He can leap out of the car and have a spotting scope set up in seconds, he can drive along dirt roads and name bird calls that are fragments of sound to the average listener. We learnt so much from Steve and would jump at the chance to tour with him again." ( SSFJPW Tripadvisor )