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Angus McNab

Angus McNab at Inala Nature on Bruny Island

Angus has been a professional wildlife biologist for the last 13 years. In this time he has worked across Australia with a particular focus on Northern Australia and has undertaken several projects internationally. He has extensive experience in wildlife based projects, animal trapping, handling and data collection on all Australian vertebrate taxa. From an initial fascination with reptiles, he broadened his interest and expertise to include all vertebrate taxa, though still considers pit-vipers to be his main interest spending much of his time abroad searching for them. Recently he put some of his knowledge to use, writing and photographing a field guide ‘The guide to Tasmanian Wildlife’ which was released in November 2018. ( Available in the Inala gift shop on Bruny)

He has developed considerable field knowledge, and a thorough knowledge of wildlife ecology which enables him to execute highly professional wildlife surveys and monitoring projects and work as a wildlife and natural history guide. He continues to survey throughout Australia and currently guides through the Kimberley, Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics, Victoria, and Subantarctic New Zealand.