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Peter Allen

Peter Allen at Inala Nature on Bruny Island

An ‘ornithological enthusiast’ from a young age, Peter has spent much of his time travelling around Australia searching for rare and cryptic birds. In particular, these travels have taken him out to sea off south-east Australia for more than a hundred days of sea time, leading to a fascination with seabirds.

Peter currently lives in Melbourne, where he is working as an ecologist and studying a PhD at Monash University. This work takes him around Australia and overseas conducting fieldwork, largely applying novel methods and technology to seabird conservation ecology. He has recently begun PhD work in remote Vanuatu, where he is studying some of the least-researched gadfly petrels in the world. In his spare time he enjoys volunteering for citizen-science projects and going birding with friends, taking great joy in appreciating the wonders of wildlife with others.